Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ragnar Relay Race Report

A few months ago, I posted on this very page, that I would use my app (go buy it) to train for a half marathon. Shortly after that post, I was invited to fill in for a runner who dropped off a Ragnar team.
Ragnar is a 200-ish mile relay run from Wickenburg, AZ, to Tempe. I was on a 12-person team, a fun if not  fast group.
I wasn't well prepared to race as my training had been interrupted by work travel, dental surgery, and a general lack of give-a-shit. All excuses aside, the relay went great.

Run 1

Ragnar involves 3 runs for each runner. The first leg is always a fun time; mine was 7 miles at 5pm Friday night. For me it was my first run in weeks. I was super rested and ready to rock. I went out a lot faster than I expected, and I managed to pick off a few runners in front of me. I probably went out too fast.
People were in costumes, and acting rowdy. I love Ragnar.

Run 2

Classy marketing
I rested in the van for a few hours, and stopped at Chili's for a meal. That was a horrible mistake. I tried to nap in the van after eating, but the greasy quesadilla had me on the edge of puking. I managed to get 30 minutes of sleep before the phone rang, "it's time to run."
I ran 4.3 miles at 3am. It's hard to describe how it feels to run in the middle of the night on no sleep.
I had lots of free time during Ragnar, which is rare for me these days. I took opportunity to hand out fliers for Virtual Run Coach.

Run 3

My third leg is hard.
I was really worried about the last leg; each prior year this has been the most painful run of the weekend. Fortunately, this year my last run was an scenic jog through beautiful North Scottsdale. It was a beautiful day, and I felt pretty darn good, considering.

The finish line was a sham. I only ran like 100 feet.

Can you find me? Hint: I'm not hairy

What's next?

Shit I don't know what's next. Don't pressure me! A bunch of people at my gym ran a Tough Mudder, and that sounds like a fun time. Maybe that's an option, or maybe I'll stop running and take up competitive eating. Suggestions?


Elliot Kawaoka said...

Shoulda got the baby back ribs. I want my baby back baby back baby back baby back...

thomasp22 said...

If that competitive eating thing doesn't work out...take a shot at underwater marble stacking.

James Ford said...

I am doing my 1st Ragnar Relay in TN in October! Can't wait!

Craig M. Brandenburg said...

You could try the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin' Challenge: 12 blazin' wings eaten in six minutes or less gets your photo on the wall of the restaurant, plus free wings. That's something that could cause you to give a shit.