Monday, October 8, 2012

How to Vote II, return of the electorate

I wrote a voting guide two years ago, and it was a hit. Back by popular demand, here is your 2012 Arizona voting guide. If you're from another state I don't care about you. There, I said it.

Proposition 114 - Prohibits crime victims from being subject to a claim for damages for causing death or injury
Victims rights is something we can all agree on, right? Well, maybe not:  
"Obviously, I don't think anybody committing a crime should be able to sue their victim." However, Campbell said that the broad wording of the measure could lead to situations where civil immunity would be granted to a person who shoots an alleged criminal in the back
Home-girl makes a good point. Vote no for new laws that may have unintended consequences. Let's do that more often, America.

Proposition 115 - Relating to the modification of the Appellate and Trial Court Commissions
I don't understand this, and neither do you. This is a great time to bring up the prime directive of proposition voting: If you don't understand it, vote no. If everyone did this, there'd be much fewer problems. 

Proposition 116 - Give tax break to business with newly acquired equipment
Newly acquired equipment sounds a lot like capital expenditures, which are deductible on federal taxes. This law applies to local property taxes. Is that double dipping, perhaps, but vote yes anyway. Let's encourage businesses to buy more equipment.

Only property owners can vote, right?
Proposition 117 - Limit annual growth in limited property value of locally assessed properties
I own property (which is why I'm allowed to vote,) so this one hits home. Some say we're on the verge of another real estate bubble caused by investors buying up foreclosed properties for rentals. I assume this proposition would limit how much Charles 'Hos' Hoskins can raise my property taxes each year. The opposition doesn't really have a good argument, they just be hating. Forget the haters, vote yes.

Proposition 118 - Yearly Permanent Fund distribution be 2.5% of monthly market values of the fund from 5 previous years
Good lord, what? I don't understand this at all. Vote no.

Proposition 119 - Lets legislature to enact a process to exchange trust land if related to protecting military installations
USA! USA! USA! Vote yes.

Proposition 120 - Would declare state sovereignty over state natural resources based on the argument of "equal footing"
This sneaky prop is a vehicle for a State vs Feds battle royale. Arizona is asserting it's ownership of lands despite concerns of the Clean Air Act, Endangered Species, Clean Water Act, and other scary words. Get ready for hippies with lawyers in full rage mode if this one passes. Vote yes for maximum entertainment. 

Proposition 121 - Implement a top-two style open primary system
Arizona is a very Republican state. Often the real election is the Republican primary and the General election is a formality. This proposition would basically push Democrats out of the whole contest. While that sounds fun, it's probably a bad idea. Vote no.

Proposition 204 - Would renew the sales tax increase approved in 2010
Renew might be the wrong word here. This measure actually makes the tax increase permanent. There's a soft rule in politics, no new tax ever goes away. I hate soft rules. Prove it wrong, and vote no.

This funny photo was phoned in. Sorry.
If you made it this far into the post, you're doing better than me. I stopped reading after the second proposition. 

Disclaimer, I barely researched any of this, and I'm marginally educated. That said, I'm printing this out and bringing it to the polls, and so should you. Ctrl-P for the win!

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