Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crossfit and puking


It's been 2 weeks since Ironman, but it feels more like a month. I am a million miles away from triathlon right now. During peak training for Ironman I burned out pretty bad, and I made myself a promise that I'd take a break from triathlon after this race. That promise got me through the last couple of months of long rides and runs.

What's Next

Making good on my self-promise of something different led me to a local Crossfit gym. These guys promise variety, strength training, and short shorts.
I need a ponytail and shorter shorts
I want apologize for using the image above. I KNOW it's the most used gif in the world, but I still love it. Go fuck yourself you judgy prick. It's my birthday; I can reuse whatever image I want.

 Day 1

I went to a free session to check out the gym. "gym"  Yeah, this was an open bay in a warehouse full of weights, racks, and other gym paraphernalia. It was 110° F during the workout, and we were sweating. The workout was 50 thrusters for time.
Yes, this is not me. We slowed down the video for your weak eyes.

If you needed to put the bar down you had to do 50 meters of lunges (in the sun) before catching your breath. Here's how it went:
  • 11 thrusters (65 lbs for me), 50m lunges (in the damn sun), stand and try not to puke for a minute
  • 11 thrusters, 50m lunges, stand there and try not to puke for a minute
  • ...and so on until I finished... 25:31 later. 


That was Friday afternoon. By Sunday I was still sore as HELL. It turns out I haven't been using my thruster muscles, so they are unaccustomed to all of the attention. To celebrate three days of DOMS I grilled some turkey burgers. Apparently I licked the raw meat before I put it on the grill, because I woke up Monday morning with a serious case of the pukies. Now I'm BACK to Ironman race weight, and I feel about as good as I did post race.
I haven't been back for Crossfit: Day 2 yet, but I'm hoping that's tomorrow. Here's wishing me luck on my second recovery in 2 weeks.


Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

Now you can wander around telling old ladies that their workout is your warm up.

Also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKp7fBtj81c

4realz: You're a smart guy and pretty aware of your body, so you will probably end up being one of the crossfit success stories if you stick with it.

John said...

Crossfit = Pain

Anonymous said...

Crossfit is gay